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Bacio Musicale

|Based in Europe|
Italy; the country of fashion & shoes, pasta and pizza, olives & pomodoro, tiramisu & profiteroles, Sophia Loren & Fellini, Ferrari & Fiat. But also the country of Verdi & Puccini, Eros Ramazzotti & Laura Pausini, opera & operette.



Bacio Musicale; the best of Italy comes together.
Bacio; Italian for kiss but also a sweet treat from the Perugia district.
Musicale; the most beautifull aria’s from famous opera’s and operettes.

Bacio Musicale, by classic soprano Isabella and her musician on the accordion, will peform these opera's and operettes live for your guests. They will play acoustical and move around the room to go from one group to another. After the performance they will leave behind a sweet Italian greeting ......

La vita è bella!


Program duration

Bacio Musicale plays 3 sets of 15 minutes. 



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