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Diamond Lil'

|Based in Europe|
Picture this;  the early 30s in Berlin, Buenos Aires, Casablanca or Paris.

From a smoky corner, a woman dressed in fur, walks into the spotlight.

The orchestra gently turns down its volume and you can almost hear the silence in the room.
The woman wanders straight to a guy who sits in front of the stage.A cigarette is clasped between her bright red lips. With a wink of her eyes, she asks him for a light. And it becomes even more quiet in the audiance ……


Everybody is holding its breath and is watching how she strikes a match. With a shaky hand she lights her  cigarette.Your knees feel wobbly while she inhales the smoke.

Then she turns around and a shiver goes trough the audience. The pianoplayer starts playing quietly and Diamond Lil’ starts singing. Diamond Lil’ will sing songs of Marlene Dieterich, Mae West, Edith Piaf and Josephine Baker.

In three sets Hella Koffeman will tell the story about the ups and downs of the magnificent life of Diamond Lil’; her glorious life in the spotlight, her loneliness in the dressing rooms and her comeback.

Diamond Lil’ guarantees an evening full of glamour, theatre, allure and style. The down and up site of being famous enfolded in beautiful songs.

Program duration

The show of Diamond Lil' consists of 3 sets of 20 minutes.


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