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Emdamed B.V.

A new office building and warehouse, new products, friends, co-workers and business-relations. The assignment was to organize an event with of the above elements.

Therefore we refurbished the warehouse to a true party place by making a layer stage of one of the shelves. At the outside of the office building a temporary location was build to chat and enjoy the walking dinner. With a spectacular laser show the building was officially in operation. After dinner, the roof came of when the DJ, his musicians and the Dutch Robbie Williams performed. The next day, the same event was executed for a different group of guests. They were also very surprised and impressed.  

Event information

  • Location

    (Office)building of client
  • Number of persons
    2x 160 guests
  • Client
  • Entertainment
    The Dutch Robbie Williams, DJ Niles, saxophone player Erwin Benjamins and percussionist Frank Wardenier, laser show

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